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Enrichment with multimedia content

tecnologie5-1Multimedia eBook, simple and convenient

One of the advantages of the eBook is that it can go beyond the simple transposition of the printed text. For example, with the integration of videos, photo galleries, links to web resources and interactive games.

The Alfabook Platform greatly simplifies this process. Publishers can insert videos, links to Wikipedia, whole photographic archives and interactive games into their works. The process is extremely quick and simplified and, as a consequence, the cost is relatively low.

The result? Find out for yourself!


tecnologie5-2The eBook+: more engaging, more interactive

On the eBook+, the eBook format is enriched with Alfabook technology, multimedia content is indicated by specific bookmarks.

Each icon represents a different kind of in extra content, from photos to videos, to links to games. Just click or tap the pin to play the item directly within the eBook.

A method developed to analyse any subject in depth, making reading more engaging and interesting without losing focus on the subject.

More information, less distractions!


New developments: ePub and ePub3

Compared to PDF, ePub increases versatility and extends the compatibility of the eBook. Thus the digital text adapts itself well to multiple devices, perfectly laid out and readable.

ePub3 has added content enrichment to this. The eBooks can include multimedia elements without increasing the size of the files that contain them.

The possibilities on offer are virtually endless. Alfabook uses all of them, obtaining digital texts that are compatible with all major devices, integrated with videos, interactive maps, music and audio tracks, glossaries, links to external resources and much more.

Try to imagine this applied to your latest cookbook, to a historical essay or to the catalogue of your textbooks!

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