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Atomization and semantic indexing

tecnologie6-1Full control over information

For years, our research has been focused on the development of technologies related to Information Retrieval, Data Mining and semantics. What does all this mean?

It means being able to collect vast amounts of data from digital books or other sources, extract their main pieces of information, catalogue and index them so that they are readily retrievable and easily recalled when they are most needed.

Alfabook technology gives publishers full control over the informational power of their content, allowing them to exploit it and enhance it in any “content critical” project.

tecnologie6-2Content becomes fluid and adaptable

After being handled and ordered in such a way, information becomes as fluid as a liquid. And like a liquid, it can adapt to any digital container.

Imagine it integrated into a teaching application that allows students to reference supplementary worksheets contained in other volumes of your catalogue. Or constitute the multimedia enrichment of a recipe eBook with an integrated video-course.

Thanks to Alfabook technology the only limits are those set by your needs!


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