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Protection and safeguard of copyright

tecnologie3-1Technology for copyright protection

Digital Rights Management, or DRM, is the technology to protect digital content.

DRM can be applied to different types of content in any format. We use it particularly for the ePub eBooks, PDFs and Liquid Books.

For each content, the publisher can decide the amount of operations allowed. For example, establishing a file expiration date, a limit to its printing and copying, or regulating access to updates.

All in complete freedom!!

tecnologie3-2Alfabook DRM: even safer and more versatile

To protect does not necessarily mean restricting usage.

Rather, it means ensuring that the information and content may not be reproduced without authorization, belittling the work of those who created them.

This is why the Alfabook DRM ensures both the protection of copyright and the full fruition of the eBook. The digital texts protected with this technology can be read from up to five different devices.

The book will remain protected, and readers will not be limited to using only one device, nor will they have to worry when they need to replace it.


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