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Digitizing and converting the eBook

tecnologie4-1From the catalogue to the eBook store in a few clicks

The Alfabook conversion tools can process thousands of content and metadata, turning them into digital books. The process is fast and simple, and thus very cheap. Any Publisher can send us their works and have them quickly converted, published and commercialized on dedicated eBook stores.

Problems? No worries, we offer dedicated, round-the-clock support.

tecnologie4-2Educational and professional eBooks, available anytime and anywhere

Compatibility is crucial when it comes to textbooks or professional texts in digital format. All principal computers and tablets must be equally usable to study, regardless of platform or operating system.

For this reason our applications offer maximum interoperability with all major devices: PC, Mac, Linux, iPad and Android. Students can study either on a desktop PC, a Galaxy Tab or a MacBook, highlighting and taking notes on the digital books in the same way. Their work will always be safe thanks to Cloud technology which allows it to be picked up later on another device.

A great convenience!

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