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Fruition of content and applications

tecnologie2-1Backpacks and briefcases are transformed into Apps

On our computers, smartphones and tablets, there is an application for any need, including reading eBooks.

In our view, even a student’s backpack, or a professional’s briefcase can become an App. With books and pens, highlighters and bookmarks.

All in a single piece of software, lighter than a single paper book, but much more effective and functional. To find a portion of text in a few moments, or instantly share notes with classmates.

Try the Scuolabook Apps

tecnologie2-2Alfabook applications for study and work

The functionalities of Alfabook applications are specifically designed for educational and professional publishing.

This makes it possible to study in the same way that we are used to on paper books, while adding the advantages of digital technology.

The Apps allow eBooks to be read on a desktop computer, laptop and tablet while underlining, highlighting and making notes on the text, sharing the work on the digital Notepad or saving it in the Cloud.

In this way, study and work tools can always be found when you need them.


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