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This is how an Alfabook digital book is born

We extract the content, digitize it and make it accessible from all major devices

Digitizing and converting the eBook

PDF, ePub or Mobi? No problem, our technology is capable of converting an entire publishing company catalogue in the equivalent electronic format. In just a few clicks!


Enrichment with multimedia content

The eBook can be much more than a simple copy of the printed book. Audio and video items, interactive exercises, links to web resources : it is the third dimension of the book!


Atomization and semantic indexing

Knowledge is composed of billions and billions of notions. Learning them all is truly impossible. But making them quickly usable and retrievable to take full control of their informative power is not.


Protection and safeguard of copyright

On the one hand, authors and publishers need to have the copyright of their works protected. On the other, it is the purchaser’s right to be able to use them without limitations. To reconcile the two sides is possible, even while using DRM.


eBook commercialization and web marketing

The eBook is ready, now it is necessary to make it traceable and available in the fastest and easiest way possible. Here is where our eCommerce platforms and our experience in digital marketing come into play.


Fruition of content and applications

To read, to study, to reference, to work. On PC, Mac, iPad, Android tablet. At home, at school, at work, on vacation.

With the right application, the eBook becomes available anytime and anywhere!


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