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At school, at work or simply for the pleasure of reading

The Alfabook operating sectors

Alfabook for general publishing

In Italy almost two million people read eBooks, and more than one million buy them. An exponential growth, from 0.01% in 2010 to the current 2% of the total turnover of the publishing industry. Alfabook has been – and continues to be – part of that growth, with its integrated solutions for the commercialization of digital books.

An example? TIMreading, the TIM eBook store.

Learn more about TIMreading

Alfabook for educational publishing

Law 133 of 6 August 2008 introduced eBooks in primary and secondary school classes for the first time.

The Italian digital school had just been born and Alfabook was already there.

Our goal is to continue to make studying on eBooks even more similar to studying on paper by integrating it with interactive and multimedia items.

Our solution? It is called Scuolabook

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Alfabook for teaching and learning

How could we simplify teaching, while making learning both more engaging and current?

The Alfabook answer is the Scuolabook Network, an advanced digital platform of educational tools, developed with a specific focus on interactivity, sociality and the full integration with eBooks and with the Scuolabook Applications.

A further step towards a full school digitalization!

Learn more about the Scuolabook Network

Alfabook for professional publishing

Digital format manuals and codes require a conception and tools that cannot be found on a simple eBook.

It is necessary to be able to study them and take notes, but also to ensure that the information is readily available and always up to date.

Alfabook technology combines the convenience of the electronic book with text enrichment and information retrieval functions.

The result? The Giuffrè codes in eBook format.

Learn more about the Giuffrè codes

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