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06 Oct


Alfabook is Telecom Italia’s technological partner in the initiative “The next word – Social Reading now”

6 October 2014 | By |

Today Telecom Italia and the Lombardy Regional Education Office have presented an innovative collaborative digital educational project that will involve about 1,000 fourth and fifth graders in the provinces of Milan, Pavia and Varese in the coming weeks. The project was presented today at the TIM4Expo area at the Triennale during the event “The next word – Social Reading now”. The initiative is aimed at experimenting with innovative teaching solutions designed to create advanced learning systems based on participatory models for students and faculty.

During the current school year (2014-2015) participating students will be engaged in “collaborative reading” activities using the Scuolabook Network, a digital learning applications platform developed by Alfabook.

The Scuolabook Network allows the sharing of online library resources, accessible from all kinds of devices (notebooks, tablets, PCs and LIM), and allows one to read, annotate, re-elaborate and execute homework and exercises for understanding the text.
For more details about the initiative, please see the Telecom Italia press release about the initiative.