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22 Dec


Elastic Reading

22 December 2016 | By |

Elastic Reading is a new powerful technology that allows ebooks reading in any web browser, from smartphone to laptop.

Elastic Reading allows content access even with connectivity issues (offline reading), safeguarding content protection and enabling new business models.

Elastic reading main features

  • No installation required: the webreader is always with you; all you need is a device (any device: pc, tablet, smartphone) and a web-browser.
  • Your ebooks always with you: the fully responsive UX/UI will adapt the view to the right screen size.
  • In-reader purchase: Elastic Reading enable direct eBook purchase, avoiding in-app purchase policy set up by digital bookstore.
  • Collaborative filtering: the reader is open and ready to integration with existing collaborative filtering recommendation system.

Streaming + Offline Reading / Multidevice Synchronization