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We rewrite knowledge through bits...

At Alfabook we create software solutions based on semantic technologies within the context of general, educational and professional publishing. We firmly believe that both the present and future of the book are digital. Our mission is to turn this vision into a reality by developing innovative technologies able to render any multimedia content on any device or platform interactive.

Alfabook projects

...In all areas of digital publishing...

We help publishing companies, businesses and institutions transform the eBook into a viable alternative to the printed book.

eBook store and platforms for publishers

Designed to make the sale and purchase of digital books easy

Educational books, and digital and interactive dictionaries

As easy to use as a printed book; as rich and versatile as an eBook

Manuals and codes in electronic format

Updated and practical, multi-media and enriched with web resources

The sectors in which we operate

...With a constant focus on usability

What does it mean to make digital content fully usable? For us it means making it “fluid”. As if it were a liquid, adaptable to any container and mixable with other liquids. Alfabook technology “atomizes” the eBook and makes it combinable with other elements of other digital, multimedia or web texts. The new content that is produced can be read anywhere, on any device, at any time.

This is how an Alfabook eBook is born


Elastic Reading

Elastic Reading is a new powerful technology that allows ebooks reading in any web browser, from smartphone to laptop. Elastic Reading allows content access even … Leggi tutto

Alfabook is Telecom Italia’s technological partner in the initiative “The next word – Social Reading now”

Today Telecom Italia and the Lombardy Regional Education Office have presented an innovative collaborative digital educational project that will involve about 1,000 fourth and fifth graders … Leggi tutto

Tim College, a new offer for the digital school

Starting on 22 July, Telecom Italia will be launching TIM College, the new offer dedicated to students with the aim of helping young people study … Leggi tutto

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